Biodiversity Loss Will Harm Humans Too: An Australian Example

The diversity of species should be of high importance to humans, since it increases the ability for the ecosystems we live in to carry out their roles.

Cheaper & Greener: Wind Farms Can Power 1000s Of Homes, In The Right Conditions

Why It Matters We need a range of alternatives to fossil fuels in order to power the world in...

Forest Fires Will Hurt Our Ecosystems, But They Won’t Impact Our Oxygen Supply

The Amazon's destruction will not impact the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere in a way that is significant enough to impact our lives, however, its complete destruction would have other serious repercussions we should care about. This is what we are looking at below.

The Role Of Climate Change In Conflict & Displacement

There is a rising consensus that climate change can exacerbate existing social and political unrest within a nation, leading to conflict. Climate change places strain on food, water, energy and health security, contributing to conditions that lead to conflict.

We Can’t Deal With The Climate Crisis If We Don’t Protect Animals And Their Ecosystems

We need nature-based solutions to combat climate change, protect animals and the ecosystems they support. But at the moment we aren't investing enough.

Fossil Fuel Companies Cause 1/3 Of All Carbon Emissions

20 fossil fuel companies are causing damage to the environment that billions will bear the brunt of, while they profit. We look at how and the solutions for change.

Industrial Heat Has A Bigger Environmental Impact Than Flying

The heat produced from factories and sectors that use fossil fuels to convert materials are causing more atmospheric damage than your holiday flight.

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